Updating firmware on western digital hard drives

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Keep your hard disk drives and solid-state drives running smoothly by keeping their firmware up to date.

Affected users are unlikely to appreciate this hair-splitting, as there is currently no way of making it accessible again, though Seagate says they are "working with customers to expedite a remedy".

I must also note that I have emailed Fresco Logic support twice at the beginning of 2014, asking them for information, a fix or comment, but they have not replied, or chose to ignore my email.

Therefore I find their poor support disproportional to the problems their bugs have caused to unsuspecting users. Registry fix for Windows – Quick Steps: (a) Upgrade the firmware of your WD Passport via the Firmware Updater.

Reaching the terabyte mark was an important symbolic step for hard drive makers — a way of saying, "Our drives are so big, we need a new word to describe how big they are!

" But that was two years ago, and, as the drives have aged, some problems have come to light.

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