Okcupid online dating quiz

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Ok Cupid determines match rankings between its users by asking them a series of questions, and determining how they answer.

These questions are randomly assigned, and can be answered whenever the user feels like it.

Here are a few excellent tutorials to walk you through the process should you need some extra help learning the in's and out's of the system: As of 2016, only the Locals feature still remains, and only through the i Phone or Android apps.

We don't claim to evaluate you perfectly, but we do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly.""We aim to be the best matching service on every front: superior technology, better math, better psychology.The website was acquired by IAC's division in 2011.Ok Cupid was created by a group of Harvard University math students in 2004.That is, looks are also important, but after a potential date has passed the ‘hot-enough-for-me’ screening process, Ok Cupid also filters potential dates based on personality.You and your potential dates are asked to answer several questions, and based on 1) how you answer these questions, 2) what answers you are seeking from a potential date and, 3) how important these answer are to you, Ok Cupid calculates a matching score between you and your potential date from 0 - 100%.

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