Kim chiu and xian dating

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They love going to church and do some adventure things together.

Now, the question is, what is the real score between the two? As usual, KIMXI does not want to put label on their relationship.

Though Xian still remained uncomfortable about labeling their relationship, Kim seemed happy enough with their situation."Yeah,(Yes, we’re happy. Since he doesn’t have friends, my siblings can be his friends.)."However, when Kris asked Xian if he has already told Kim that he loves her, he only said that many people do.

During the episode, the rumored couple talked about the status of their relationship.

It also helped that on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend Xian Lim later entered in her life.

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In time, they were even paired off as an “official” TV-film love team, and most of their projects have been costarrers.

For four years that they are partners in series and movies, now you can notice that they have a much deeper friendship.

Even though for now that they have separate projects, Kim and Xian spent time together especially when both of them are having vacant time.

Their actions are screaming the words people want to hear.” Kim Xian Around DGlobe ‏- “Kim is happy with Xian, Xian is happy with Kim..

Monday, March 21, Kim said she knew she got over the breakup with the help of the people around her.

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