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Hence, we keep a road traveling to the south to Mongolia along the Chuysky tract, ancient trade route, through two passes to the Altai village Kurai (Altai Republic).

Then, crossing the Kurai basin (1700m asl), we reach the valley of Aktru (North-Chuysky ridge).

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Pictures are HERE (thought didn't have chance to take them by myself - still can't find spare pack of batteries :-/ ). Guys, whom I caught and got "shout" can check their pics.

Some pictures have some sound files associated with them but cause it is too much for my photo camera - sound quality just suxx.

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__________________ If you have thin skin, thicken it. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin KJ6NQX DDJC Actually, this is kinda correct.

Bus part of the trip and staying in the mountains - it's a great opportunity to explore almost all natural zones of the Altai, from pine-hardwood forests reaching a narrow strip along the valley of the Katun River, the Mongolian steppe landscapes in the Kurai basin, to mountain taiga and snow and ice deserts in alpine zone.

The starting and ending point of our trip is Barnaul.

Left goes to the main Springs Camp, Right to Dirty Dozen.

The destination of the Southern Altai is a poorly researched and virgin region which largely bears the characteristics of neighboring Mongolia.

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