Female sex chatbot with pictutes

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When the world’s first tattooing robot was unleashed last week, it failed to capture the popular imagination with its singular spiral design on a man’s calf.

"A Compilation of Robots Falling Down at the DARPA Robotics Challenge" has, however, (at the time of writing) 1,873,464 views on You Tube.

It harkens back to the days of Jonah and Chelsea Peretti’s Rejection Hotline from 2002, a number you could dole out and that, when called up, would play a rejection message.

The 2017 reboot is 1-626-GOODBYE (unfortunately only available right now for U.

So far, this is fairly limited to the “What if X was Y?

In such a scenario, official statistics alone will not help people understand the gravity of the issue.

Lonely men are developing feelings for — and talking dirty to — their virtual assistants.

Confronted with smart female-voiced chatbots such as Apple’s Siri, many men are resorting to breathless demands and four-letter words — mimicking the inappropriate behaviour of previous generations of businessmen to their real-life secretaries.

The bot is a medium that will encourage women to break their silence,” says Elsa Marie D’Silva, founder and CEO of Safe City.

D’Silva says that since the bot was launched in February, about 100 women from Maharashtra have used it to report sexual abuse.

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