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The concept of Linked Open Data is attracting Europe’s major national libraries: the Bibliothèque nationale de France recently launched its rich linked data resource, while the national libraries of the UK, Germany and Spain, among many other cultural institutions, have been publishing their metadata under an open licence.Europeana is making data openly available to the public and private sectors alike so they can use it to develop of innovative applications for smartphones and tablets and to create new web services and portals.Since June 2011 I am entrusted with the design, implementation and scientific management of the DAS project.Some facts about the project: The aim of the DAS project is the digitization of all objects of the archaeological collection of the Lippischen Landesmuseum.Knowledge of them comes chiefly from that reconstruction, along with material evidence from archaeology and archaeogenetics.

accessible online database, Archaeology, Artefacts, Detmold, digital camera, Digital library, Digitizing, Europeana, Germany, Guido Nockemann, internet database, Internet portal europeana, museum, museum-digital, SCRIPTORIUM, Sony a Digital Camera Hi!My name is Guido Nockemann and I’m currently working on the DAS project, the digitization of the archaeological collection at the Lippisches Landesmuseum in Detmold/Germany.Till may 2011 I’ve worked as a research volunteer in the department of ground monument conservation at the Lippisches Landesmuseum in Detmold.Mainstream scholarship places them in the forest-steppe zone immediately to the north of the western end of the Pontic-Caspian steppe in Eastern Europe.Some archaeologists would extend the time depth of PIE to the middle Neolithic (5500 to 4500 BC) or even the early Neolithic (7500 to 5500 BC), and suggest alternative location hypotheses.

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