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The historic visit, the first ever by an Indian prime minister, was marked by several days of discussion on technology, economic policies and security issues and was highlighted by the signing of several deals that reflect broadening commercial ties.Maybe the thousands of Israelis who walked the streets of Jerusalem's Old City Tuesday evening didn't get the memo – UNESCO's latest resolution declaring Jews imposters – occupiers of the Old City – who don't belong there.I can already hear the push-back: Accepting the “reality” of assimilation is what’s driven up the intermarriage rates among the non-Orthodox in America to unprecedented levels.What we need to do is fight harder, resist the temptations of secular society, and build higher fences around our self-imposed ghettos.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has told the UN Security Council that Hamas, the Islamic fundamentalist governing authority in Gaza, is to blame for the suffering of Palestinians living there and called on the UN to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization and punish states that support it.

That will work for a few, and maybe that few will grow in number to replace the rest who fall away.

But that’s not a Jewish world in which I want to live.

So the Jewish women with their hangups about Blond Gentile women are in a sense battling the competition.

I’ve certainly known my share of classically homely Jewish girls and women.

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