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Provided you inform the court that there is no hope for reconciliation, Georgia judges will make no further inquiry into the reasons.

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You’re still married, and married people can’t enter into intimate relationships with anyone other than their spouses.Divorce myths perpetuate themselves because the sharp edges of divorce cut so deeply into the human condition. This situation comes up when the noncustodial parent, who is usually that father, falls behind in his child support, and the custodial parent, who is usually the mother, decides that his delinquency justifies shutting him out of his children's lives. In the eyes of the judge, child support and child visitation are separate issues.Courts frown on parents even attempting to use one to leverage the other.Divorce myths are fictions people tell each other - the "conventional wisdom," as John Kenneth Galbraith once termed it.They are popular beliefs and notions, and they are wrong.

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