Chelsea handler dating redheads

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On her vacation with Jennifer Aniston “She was sweet enough to take me on vacation with her. I was probably trying to bend over and pick up a margarita,” Chelsea lambasted Jay Leno as he insisted upon cutting to a shot of the funnylady’s bikini-clad butt. ” But because she loves beach vacations, it might be a while before she’s ever caught sipping margaritas with 50 Cent. Curtis…I don’t know, I should find out.” Jay also asked Chelsea about her brief relationship with animal expert Dave Salmoni.

I was trying not to get photographed next to her in a bathing suit, for obvious reasons,” Chelsea said Tuesday on The Tonight Show. She brings up 50 Cent without any prompting from Jay “I can’t bring 50 Cent with me, ’cause he’s not a strong swimmer,” she joked, adding that her friend has not met her family. “I don’t know, I call him Curtis when we’re having sex,” Chelsea deadpanned. “We just did not have anything else to talk about,” she laughed.

Sometimes, she explains during a short phone chat from Santa Monica, Calif., you just have to grit your teeth and smile - and hope there’s a comfortable place to put your posterior.

“The stand-up material comes easily,” Handler says, talking in polite, rapid-fire bursts during a break from filming ending segments for her late-night comedy talk show on E!

Ian came back and we don’t know what’s going on with him yet.

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I feel like Debbie’s is the most positive of the story lines, even though it’s kind of depressing. Nothing really bad or scary is happening to her other than she has an older boyfriend. I dove into with high expectations, since I’d been told by several people that Chelsea’s books were the funniest they’d ever read. Chelsea Handler has a wildly inappropriate sense of humor.As a child she tells outrageously detailed lies in order to get her classmates to believe she’s a child actress starring in a movie with Goldie Hawn.Because, as she pointed out again, he’s just her friend. “No, he’s a really nice guy…It was a short relationship, you know, in and out.”” This woman is not funny, she’s rude and she makes stupid jokes about race all the time. talk show though, and she’s friends with Jennifer Aniston. I hope Jay had her on due to a last minute cancellation.Chelsea Handler is an accomplished stand-up comic and actress, as well as the bestselling author of My Horizontal Life. , Chelsea Lately; was one of the stars of Girls Behaving Badly; has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with David Letterman; and has starred in her own half-hour Comedy Central special.

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