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Now, special interest groups and big money from Hollywood and the Big Apple are trying to keep their new definition of marriage from being repealed at the ballot box by ordinary Marylanders. How does it affect society and what is at stake in the outcome of this legislative fight?

Many people mistakenly believe that proposals to allow so-called “same-sex” marriage are about allowing a new, different and separate form of marriage to coexist alongside traditional man/woman marriage.

Organizations can partner with HITRUST to provide trained resources to healthcare organizations of varying size and complexity to assess compliance with security control requirements, develop corrective action plans that align with the HITRUST CSF, and provide remediation for organizations looking to be fully compliant with the myriad of authoritative sources incorporated into the HITRUST CSF.

These organizations are called CSF Assessors and have met certain criteria as well as completed courses to become Certified CSF Practitioners. HITRUST Academy offers the only training courses designed to educate security professionals about information protection in any industry and the utilization of the HITRUST CSF to manage risk.

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We participate in other relevant industry trade shows and events to promote our mission and members.

Read More Business associates can streamline the compliance process and reduce costs with a standardized approach to performing assessments and reporting security controls by utilizing the My CSF tool to perform a HITRUST CSF assessment and report once against multiple sets of requirements and to multiple entities.

HITRUST Academy provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to utilize the HITRUST CSF and perform assessments as well as general knowledge and skills for protecting information.

Under the law, one definition of marriage would not exist alongside the other.

We believe that quality research and practice need each other; that each lens and pursuit should inform and affect the other.

By sharing and synthesizing what we know, we aim to better support and advance positive social change.

Our communications program delivers frequent blogs, articles, press releases and opinion pieces about the industry.

New members and emerging companies have access to a variety of publications for blogs and article placement.

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